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The Chinese tech company DJI was founded by Frank Wang in Hong Kong, where Wang studied at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and received a scholarship of 18.000 Hong Kong Dollar (about 2000 euro) from the university for researching and developing a drone. This research and development was successful and in 2006 Wang founded DJI. The company is therefore mainly known as a producer of drones (unmanned aerial vehicles), intended for photography and videography from the air. In fact, with more than 70% market share, this tech company has been the market leader when it comes to commercial drones for years. With the DJI drones you can make your own movies and photos for private use, but in the television and film industry DJI's products are also widely used. Series such as Better Call Saul and Game of Thrones are also partly recorded with drones of this brand. The use of drones was very revolutionary and innovative and this was rewarded in 2017 with an Emmy Award for DJI in the category "Technology and Engineering" because of the contribution this tech company has made to film and series makers to shoot images from new perspectives.
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Filming and shooting with DJI from the ground and from the air

DJI has divided its products into a number of series, such as the Mavic series, Spark series, Panthom series and Osmo series. The Mavic series consists of drones that you can fold up, so these are ideal to take with you on holiday in your suitcase. A drone from the Spark series is perfect for beginners because of its small size and relatively cheap price. Phantom drones are very popular among professional photographers who want to shoot from the air. Finally, the Osmo series does not include drones, but a number of handheld cameras with which you can film and photograph.

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This Chinese brand has already brought a lot of drones and cameras onto the market by now. There are also a lot of different accessories like batteries, lenses, controllers, monitors and adapters that you can buy in many different places. So are you also looking for a DJI product, but can't you see the forest through all the trees? Then use the handy price comparator on this page! Besides a handy overview of all the shops that sell the drones, cameras and accessories, you can also see where the product is currently sold the cheapest. Drones are not cheap in themselves and if you include all accessories, you will quickly lose a considerable amount of money! So it's always wise to compare all prices here before making a purchase.