Of course, as a consumer you are looking for the best deals, but where can you find them? Bigshopper is the platform where you can easily compare prices.


On Bigshopper the products are divided into categories.

Compare prices at Bigshopper

Of course, as a consumer you are looking for the best deals, but where can you find them? Bigshopper is the platform for you where you can easily compare prices. We are one of the first comparison sites active since 2007. Our aim is to inform you as a consumer honestly, not only about the price, but also about the quality and specifications of the products on offer.

Whatever product you are looking for, the cheapest webshop is always at the top. What's more, you can easily filter on category pages, by brand, type of product or simply: the best possible deals! At the top of the product page you will find the cheapest provider, further down the page you will find a detailed description of the product. Making a choice becomes not only fun but also very easy. Even more important: we do not sell any products ourselves and therefore look objectively at the available supply.

Compare prices per product category

Comparing apples with pears does not make much sense. That is why at Bigshopper you can filter on different product categories. This makes it easy to find the best offer for each product group. Simply click through and you can immediately make your purchase on the provider's website. Are you looking for a broad product group such as electronics? Or are you already convinced that you want to buy a computer? In both cases Bigshopper allows you to compare prices per product category and get the best deals instantly!

Compare prices based on brand

Searching is a lot easier when you know exactly which brand you are looking for. At Bigshopper you can compare prices based on brand. We try to compare as many providers as possible; the more the better the chance that you have found the best deal at the moment. At Bigshopper, the experience of the users comes first. That's why we renew our website day after day, not only with new updates, but also with the most recent data provided by the webshops. In this way, no new action or offer escapes our attention. And you can easily search by brand in alphabetical order!

Compare prices based on merchant

Would you prefer to order from a webshop with expertise that can offer you the best possible information and service? Numerous sellers have joined our comparison site. Click on the shop of your preference and you will immediately see an overview of the current offer, ranked from low to high. And do you want to know whether there is still a cheaper supplier? Then use the black comparison button. With the red button you go directly to the seller to order the product of your preference.

Best deals

A high discount percentage does not say everything when it comes to finding the best deals. That is why we at Bigshopper simply look at the price. That is the amount you pay for a product and for which you get your order delivered. The best deals are a combination of the product type, the discount percentage and the actual price. And if you want, you can easily refine your search by filtering by brand and seller. With Bigshopper, you know what you're buying and who you're buying it from. We give you an overview and you can easily find the best seller! And don't forget: you always order from the seller himself, without the intervention of our site. And you will notice this in your wallet.

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“Would you like to order a chainsaw, coffee machine and cutlery straight away? That's possible, Bigshopper will help you out!”